Do DP do contemporary?? Have any of their minis/juniors done a contemporary solo?? Would love to see!!


Yes, I think so! I’m not sure if it’s considered lyrical or contemporary though. Kaylee Quinn’s solo Firework is definitely lyrical or contemporary! :)

Along with Bailey’s Inside the Tornado, Peyton’s Just the Way You Are, and lots of the Juniors/Teens/Seniors have done lyrical and contemporary solos!

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3/∞ 2014 competition dances you need to watch. Peyton Heitz & Kaylee Quinn, Sister. Dance Precisions, Molly Long.

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Jenna and Brynn

Kalani Hilliker - Forever Young (x)


How do they even do this.

HOF’s livestream is such bad quality that if you screencap anything it looks like a minimalist edit 

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Emma York - Bellum

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1st overall junior small!

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Brynn, I love her.